The Most Common Injuries Drivers Sustain in Truck Accidents

When an accident occurs on the road, those involved can sustain a wide range of injuries. If a truck accident takes place, however, the risk of serious or life-changing injuries increases. This is because the large size and weight of the vehicle can cause a significant amount of damage when it collides with other road users or pedestrians.

Although lawyers for truck accidents can help you to obtain compensation after this type of incident, the amount of compensation you ultimately receive will depend in part on the nature of your injuries. To learn more about the consequences of truck-related collisions, take a look at some of the most common injuries drivers sustain in truck accidents:

1. Head and Neck Injuries

Even if you’re wearing a seatbelt, your head and neck can still move freely if an impact occurs. This means that it’s this area of your body that can take the brunt of a collision. It’s common for people to sustain relatively mild head and neck injuries, such as whiplash or a concussion, after a road traffic accident, for example. However, more serious injuries can occur too. If a high-speed collision occurs or a truck overturns, for example, the driver could sustain a brain injury, skull fracture or even a broken neck.

2. Internal Injuries

When a truck collides with another vehicle or a stationary object, the impact causes it to come to a sudden stop. Although the truck stops moving, the momentum can mean that any cargo, including the … Read More