Social Security Program Rules

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The proposed regulation additionally specifies procedural necessities specific to asylum and statutory withholding claims premised on a selected social group. While in proceedings earlier than an immigration judge, the alien must first define the proposed particular social group as part of the asylum software or in any other case in the document. If the alien fails to do so whereas earlier than an immigration judge, the alien will waive any claim based on a specific social group formulation that was not superior. This limitation is consistent with present necessities for motions to reopen that preclude the elevating of claims that would have been brought in a prior proceeding. These rules will enable the immigration choose to adjudicate the alien’s particular declare for aid or safety well timed and efficiently, including deciding whether or not pretermission of the alien’s software could also be appropriate.

Absent credible proof that Government legal guidelines or insurance policies have been or can be applied to an applicant personally, rare utility of these legal guidelines and policies can not constitute a well-based fear of persecution. In other phrases, the mere existence of doubtless persecutory laws or policies isn’t sufficient to establish a nicely-based worry of persecution. Rather, there must be proof these laws or insurance policies were widespread and systemic, or proof that persecutory laws or policies were, or could be, applied to an applicant personally. It is thus well-established that not all remedy that the United States regards as unfair, offensive, unjust, or even unlawful or unconstitutional constitutes persecution beneath the INA. Further, intermittent harassment, together with transient detentions, repeated threats with no effort to hold out the threats, or non-extreme economic harm or property injury, do not usually represent persecution.

Each of the 9 elements addresses points that the adjudicators would possibly otherwise spend important time evaluating and adjudicating. First, this rule would require a choice-maker to contemplate whether or not an alien has spent more than 14 days in anyone country that permitted software for refugee, asylee, or comparable protections previous to getting into or arriving in the United States.

Third, an alien who makes use of fraudulent documents to impact entry to the United States is inadmissible, INA 212(a)(C), 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(C), and the Departments are concerned that the usage of fraudulent paperwork makes the proper enforcement of the immigration legal guidelines troublesome and requires an immense amount of sources. The Departments accordingly propose to consider such use of fraudulent paperwork a major antagonistic discretionary issue for the purposes of asylum unless an applicant arrived within the U.S. directly from the applicant’s residence country. 8 CFR 208.13(b)(i)(B), (ii), 1208.13(b)(i)(B), (ii) (asylum); 8 CFR 208.sixteen(b)(i)(B), , 1208.sixteen(b)(i)(B), (statutory withholding). The rules additional prescribe a nonexhaustive list of things for adjudicators to contemplate in making inner relocation determinations and delineate burdens of proof in various associated conditions. 8 CFR 208.13(b)(ii), , 1208.thirteen(b)(ii), ; 8 CFR 208.sixteen(b)(ii), , 1208.16(b)(i)(ii), .

The definition of “political opinion” has also been the subject of considerable litigation and is a product of evolving case law, making it difficult for EOIR’s immigration judges and Board members, as well as DHS asylum officers, to uniformly apply the framework. The statute requires persecution to be on a discrete basis and to fall within one of the enumerated classes.” (citations omitted)).

The proposed rule would codify the longstanding necessities, as mentioned above, that a specific social group must be composed of members who share a typical immutable attribute, defined with particularity, and socially distinct within the society in query. In addition, the particular social group should have existed independently of the alleged persecutory acts and can’t be defined solely by the alleged hurt.

Second, this rule would make transit by way of more than one nation previous to arrival within the United States a big antagonistic issue. Both of these factors are supported by present regulation surrounding agency resettlement and aliens who could be eliminated to a secure third country. See INA 208(a)(A), (b)(A)(vi), 8 U.S.C. 1158(a)(A), (b)(A)(vi); see also Yang v. INS, 79 F.3d 932, (ninth Cir. 1996) (upholding a discretionary agency resettlement bar, and rejecting the premise that such analysis is arbitrary and capricious or that it prevents adjudicators from exercising discretion).