Political Law

politics law

Study Skills And Additional Support

This degree program is of special curiosity to students planning to pursue postgraduate work in regulation, policy or politics. The major relies within the Department of Political Science, and takes advantage of the department’s substantial offerings and resources in regulation.

It also draws from the disciplines of history, journalism, sociology, philosophy, economics, household research and communication studies. Because the main was created in consultation with Samford’s Cumberland School of Law, this system also offers the chance to work directly with legislation college.

For these with pursuits in regulation and politics, anthropology supplies an understanding of the origins and nature of governance as well as how the issue of order has been handled throughout cultures from prehistory to the present. A key question animating this method is how societies have developed methods of guidelines and battle decision processes to conciliate the strain between collective and individual wants, desires, and rights.

Students explore the character of morality, political principle, authorized principle and the interconnections between them. Students complete philosophy courses in addition to programs from disciplines associated to philosophy to enrich and enliven their understanding of the intersections of morality, politics and law.

More broadly, anthropology asks how peoples throughout the globe represent the political. The Law & Politics pathway offers college students an excellent grounding for pursuing law as a profession, be it in academia or in professional apply, because it enhances one’s understanding of the law’s sociocultural grounding and the complexities inherent in regulating human conduct. The program in Politics, Policy, Law & Ethics (PPLE) focuses on turning data into motion. Working at the vibrant and very important intersection of public coverage, law, and ethics, PPLE programs are designed to allow college students to develop the knowledge, skills, and rules important for addressing contemporary political challenges.

The world is formed by political disputes, and in America, political disputes are still profoundly influenced, and sometimes determined, by the courts. The main in Law and Politics examines important issues of energy, liberty, equality, legitimacy, and the state, with particular emphasis on the function of legislation and the authorized system of their determination. Our students give attention to growing an understanding of the relationships between authorities, politics and regulation by analyzing the philosophical and constitutional foundations of the American republic, its political and legal methods, and modern issues in each fields. Students concentrating in Political Science must complete 5 elective courses in the Politics, Government & Law major. The Internship course (PS380) might count toward the main but can’t depend as 300+ degree elective course.